All you need to know about Freestanding Dishwashers
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All you need to know about Freestanding Dishwashers

Do you find removing the stubborn stains of oil and spices from the cookware difficult? Do you need more clarification about whether a dishwasher can be a good substitute for traditional hand-washing methods? Is buying a dishwasher worth it? Well, continue reading this article to get answers to all your queries. When buying a new dishwasher there are often several possibilities. However, the most popular choice is between a freestanding dishwasher and the built-in one. You can place the freestanding dishwashers in any location in your kitchen without spending extra installation charges as opposed to built-in dishwashers. Let’s explore the top 7 factors that you must be aware of before buying a freestanding dishwasher:

  1. Dimensions and Capacity

Siemens, UAE, the award-winning leading dishwasher brand, has models of varying sizes from 45cm to 60 cm in width and 85cm in height. Their dishwashers have a higher load capacity for up to 14 place settings, enabling them to clean more plates in one go. In addition, a freestanding dishwasher has a half-load option that helps you work with smaller loads of dishes.

  1. Design and Convenience

The built quality of the Siemens freestanding dishwasher is highly premium. The versatile design concept makes space not only for the cookware and crockeries but also has a cutlery basket so that these are not left behind. The foldable racks and baskets with adjustable low-friction wheels and touchpoints make the loading and unloading very smooth and convenient.

  1. Energy and Water Consumption

Siemens freestanding dishwashers are A-rated and above, which imparts their energy efficiency. These appliances reduce water consumption to about 90% over the traditional methods. The smart programs detect the load and adjust the temperature runtime accordingly. The intelligent sensors detect water quality and control when and how much clean water is added. The water protection system automatically shuts off the supply and prevents water loss if there is a leakage or damage in the hose pipe.

  1. Antibacterial washing technology

Siemens, UAE freestanding dishwasher models are equipped with a unique feature that maintains a constant high temperature while cleaning to eliminate approximately 99.99% of germs, including bacteria, from dishes. 

  1. Advanced drying

Siemens company utilizes proprietary technology containing zeolite material in their freestanding dishwashers to quickly dry the utensils without causing any damage to the fragile crockeries.

  1. Connectivity

The freestanding dishwasher is Wi-Fi enabled and linked to Alexa or Google Assistant. Few models have a special feature that gives you remote access to control the appliance when you are not present in your time.

  1. Noise level

Compared to other brands, the freestanding dishwashers of Siemens have different ratings according to the noise level in decibels. The sound insulation technology enables a tranquil operation of the appliance, so you do not have to worry about disturbing your family member while sleeping.


Overall, Siemens freestanding dishwashers are known for their reliability, water and energy efficiency, and advanced features, making them a popular choice for many households. Now that you know the advantages of having a freestanding dishwasher, hurry up and visit the website to compare the features of all models and choose the best one for your household.

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  • May 4, 2023