Why Employees in UAE are Changing Jobs: Shift in Job Trends
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Why Employees in UAE are Changing Jobs: Shift in Job Trends

The Job Market in UAE is dynamic, offering new opportunities and jobs for employees. Since the trend is shifting to a better work environment and better opportunities, employees in jobs are looking for offerings that can offer them a better growth trajectory. In this blog, we will discuss various aspects of a shift in job trends in the UAE. 

Top Reasons for Job Switching

A survey conducted among 2,021 respondents comprised of 1,015 employees and 1,006 employers in the UAE revealed that most UAE employees (89 percent) said they would switch jobs for the same salary if the benefits were better. Changing organizations’ main drivers were a better salary package, employee benefits, professional development, and skills growth. These factors were cited by 55%, 44%, and 43% of employees, respectively. The other factors that led to job switching were a better work culture, flexible working, location of the workplace, large organizations, and others.

Why Employees are Looking for New Jobs Unhappy with the current salary package, no growth opportunity, and unhappy with current employee benefits were the top three reasons cited by employees looking for new jobs. Other reasons include unhappiness with the current work culture and other reasons that account for 7% of employees.

Millennials and Job Switching

Even millennials are looking for new roles due to dissatisfaction with their current job. The survey found that the appetite for switching careers is highest among millennials, which show 15% more confidence in job searches and interviews than younger colleagues. This can be attributed to the crucial fact that the majority of the millennial age group feels that their employer is not invested in them, which is almost 25% more than the concerns expressed by Gen Z.

Gen Z and Job Security

Gen Z are more concerned than millennials about their job security due to the current economic uncertainty. However, workforces clearly know their value within the job market and are taking charge of their career by investing in new skills.

The Impact of the Revised Labour Law

Employees is also looking for new opportunities as the UAE government has published a revised labor law that came into effect earlier this year. It applies to all private sector workers nationwide and has made several amendments to promote flexible working practices and provide more rights to workers and employers.


The UAE’s job market is on the road to recovery, and employees are looking for better opportunities. Employers need to take note of the reasons cited for job switching and work towards improving their salary packages, employee benefits, and professional development opportunities to retain their talent. The revised labor law provides a good framework for promoting a better work culture and flexible working practices, which can help to retain top talent in the UAE’s job market.

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  • March 29, 2023